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About Us

The Future of Modern Learning

At Blue Ivy, we noticed a big deficiency in our current education system and online learning format, especially with the advent of the global pandemic and the switch towards online classes. While the rise of modern technology has certainly made information more accessible and remote- teaching more convenient, the current nature of online education is leaving students more overwhelmed and isolated than ever. That is because education is not just the absorption of facts, it is the intellectual interaction with instructors and open exchange between fellow like-minded peers. Students don’t just want to be stuffed with facts, they want to customize their education to learn the subjects that truly inspire and excite them. 


Students First


Our mission is to be the future of modern, cutting-edge education by creating a platform in which a passionate community of bright, young students can learn knowledge beyond that of school. We believe the open and interactive spirit of Socratic learning principles espouses true stimulation and higher learning in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. That is why our team of top-class instructors, consisting of elite experienced teachers from prestigious private schools, graduates from top universities, and professions from industry leading institutions, strive to create an engaging classroom where they can provide students with maximum support, give constructive feedback and facilitate intellectual interaction with peers. 


In Blue Ivy classrooms, you don’t just learn basic classroom pedagogy.

We aim to inspire student’s curiosity, challenge them to their full potential, and propel them to excellence. That is why we offer a variety of classes in four major areas: 


  • Academics: competition math, computer programing, SAT prep, Art of Problem solving, writing etc

  • College preparation: Essay writing, Playing sports at college, sports mental strength, what to expect in college

  • Financial Literacy (Financial IQ): investment, stocks, real estates, entrepreneurship

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): manage pressure in competitions, sports psychology, stress management, how to deal with objections or difficult situations etc. 


Come join our community of top-class instructors, dedicated support team and community of bright, young minds to truly nurture your education in a way that sets you up for life! Our dedicated team of instructors and support administrators will guarantee you an incredible learning experience like  none other!

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