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Inspire | Challenge | Achieve

Our mission is to inspire students' curiosity, challenge them to their full potential, and propel them to excellence. We provide learning opportunities in the following areas: 

  • Academics: competitional math, computer programing, SAT prep, Art of Problem solving, writing etc.

  • College preparation: Essay writing, Playing sports at college, sports mental strength, what to expect in college

  • Financial Literacy (Financial IQ): investment, stocks, real estates, entrepreneurship

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): manage pressure in competitions, sports psychology, stress management, how to deal with difficult people etc. 


Students first: Because we care about our student’s time, we want our students to get the most out of the classes we offer. We offer top quality classes by the most qualified teaching staff. Our faculty is a team of elite teachers from prestigious private schools, graduates from top universities, and professionals from industry leading institutions. For example, in the classes we offered in the past, we had college grads from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Wharton, and professionals from top investment banks and consulting firms. 

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